Land of the Rising Sun – Sandan-kyo Gorge

A wonderful two-hour stroll

After checking in at the local Ryokan hotel, Sheree and I immediately took off on a hike into the gorge. It was an off day, tourist-wise, so we had the place almost completely to ourselves.  There was one elderly gentleman riding a scooter back and forth along the steep and narrow trail, he was foraging foods for the morning breakfast.  I took more video than photos, so please take a few minutes to watch the video below. 

Sandan-kyo gorge is a representative canyon of Japan which can be reached only 75 minutes from Hiroshima City. Designated as National Scenic Beauty, Sandan-kyo gorge is famous for its beautiful ravine which is said as No.1 in Japan.
There are only 5 ravines designated as National Scenic Beauty in Japan. This is the only ravine designated as National Scenic Beauty in Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Region. You would understand how precious the place is.
Besides spring fresh green, the gorge is known for the place to view beautiful autumn leaves together with World Heritage site “Miyajima” in Hiroshima Prefecture and attracts flock of visitors every year. There are rapid currents, deep pools, large rock walls, and waterfalls ranging around Sandan-kyo gorge, and the scenery they make with limpid streams and a virgin forest is just marvelous, as beautiful as a piece of art made from rich nature.
You can have a wonderful experience to be remembered just for a day trip, with a short trek, ferryboat ride, and hot spring at Sandan-kyo gorge

Please join us on a beautiful 17 minute walk along the gorge.

Our "ryokan" room overlooked the entrance to the gorge.

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