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TTU is for the birds, for nature, and for people.

Birding is a door to adventure, nature, and involvement. Birds are an integral component of almost all ecosystems and a gauge for the health of the entire ecosphere. 

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Please check out the birding resources in the right column and visit the Resources for Birders page. 

If you are in North or South Carolina or plan to bird in NC/SC, visit the Carolina Bird Club website, where you will find a plethora of information about local birding.

If you like photography, please visit my photography page.

If you like travel stories, Sheree' and I have started a travel blog at Wild Places, Wild Birds.

Teardrop Birding

Beginning in July 2017,  Sheree and I will begin traveling to birding spots using our T@B trailer. 

Pettigrew State Park

Bird Sounds

Although still a work in progress,  I have started a decent collection of North Carolina bird sounds using a Tascam - 5.  The earlier recordings are over-edited but I am learning to keep the editing to a minimum

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