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Bog Walk – Signs of Spring and a Shadowy Sora
Over the past month, I have become a wind watcher. It seems to me that many birds have been struggling
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Week Two – Learning the Upper Peninsula Birds
After a few days of teasingly nice spring days, the UP went into refrigerator mode over the weekend. I jokingly
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Birding Marquette – The First Week
Well, I made it UP!  In the heart of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, now it's time to immerse my
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The Journey North
Up at the crack of dawn, I jumped into the already loaded Outback and towed Puff out the driveway onto
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Cape May Warbler

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Why we bird is not as important
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Canada Warbler

Teardrop Birding

Beginning in July 2017,  Sheree and I will begin traveling to birding spots using our T@B trailer. 

Pettigrew State Park

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American Redstart


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