Falls Lake- Rollingview SRA

Bird Camping Falls Lake

We parked our teardrop trailer at Rollingview SRA campground for a long weekend. It was really nice sitting outside listening to the birds say goodnight, followed by a wake-up call good morning the next day. Our site was above a small intermittent stream that attracted some nice birds and amphibians, including Parula Warbler and Upland Chorus Frog.   Camping and birding go together like milk and cookies. Usually, birding involves moving in and out of an area on a pre-determined schedule, which means missing birds that were there before or after arrival. Camping puts a birder on site from dawn to dusk, AND after dark.  Great for owling, goatsuckers, and early bird songs. The Northern Cardinal duet, posted below, was especially interesting and enjoyable late evening experience.  Visiting Falls Lake – Rollingview in April is an exercise in timing. Being there all day one will discover when and where to be to find good birds. The birdiest spot this particular trip was near the eastern beach, near the edge of the forest. There was a group of warblers, mostly butter-butts, with a few Palm and Yellow-throats, and also Rough-winged and Barn Swallows and one FOY Eastern Kingbird. On the water, not much going on except a small flock of Ring-billed Gulls and a few DC Cormorants.  No raptor action today, but there was a Barred Owl during the night.

Click here for eBird checklist with more photos and audio clips.

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