Sandy Creek Park, Durham, NC

Sheree’ and I went to Sandy Creek Park this morning, and what a gorgeous and birdy morning it was.  This was my first and Sheree’s second visit to this Durham city park.  Upon exiting the car we knew we had chosen well.  It was a great learning experience. Not only were there multiple warbler species singing,  they were not very difficult to locate visually.  A Northern waterthrush was along the trail just as we walked away from the car.  Thanks in part to the sound magnifier in my right ear, I was able to hear birds better than ever.

We tallied 43 species. Notable birds – both waterthrushes, Palm Warbler, lots of Kingbirds and Waxwings. And, a lot of birders.

Along the path, I followed a gnatcatcher back to its nest, surprisingly very low and out in the open. Here are a few pictures.



Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Popioptila caerula)


Nest was only 10 feet up, along the main pathway.

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Spring bird count at Flat River tomorrow !

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