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...the best are the latest, but I hope you enjoy them all. Over the past decade, we have traveled from North Carolina to Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Vermont, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, southern Japan and central Europe, and hope to see many more wild places and wild birds in the coming years. Follow along by joining our e-mail alert (look right) and follow WPWB on Facebook.

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Fayette State Park, an abandoned iron smelting town, was on our short list of places to visit in the UP
From the Wetmore parking area, I hiked up the Beagle Road Trail, which led to the Who Cooks For you
(It is July 29, and I just now realized this never got posted back in June - welcome to the
Most of my 20 hours each week were filled with peace and solitude Allow me to preface that first title
After partially relocating almost half of our living quarters to Upper Michigan, we have spent the past few months back
Presque Isle, Marquette, Michigan In what might be labeled the first real signs that the short Autumn season is coming
Drive to McCormick Wilderness Headed west Sunday morning to look for some unique birds (Boreal Chickadee and Canada Jay) in
Bird Migration in Michigan As I enter my first week of June, ever, in the UP, and Marquette, MI., the
Winds from the south, finally. Over the past month, I have become a wind watcher. It seems to me that
Oh boy, WHERE is Spring? After a few days of teasingly nice spring days, the UP went into refrigerator mode
Learning the Hotspots Well, I made it UP!  In the heart of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, now it's time
Leaving North Carolina Up at the crack of dawn, I jumped into the already loaded Outback and towed Puff out
Just three weeks until I journey north, really north, up to the UP of Michigan. We will be settling into
Well, that was quite a blogging break I took, but now I am ready to rock and roll. There will
Going on ten years, our annual Thanksgiving trip to birding hotspots of northeastern North Carolina provided great weather, magnificent birds,
Take me to the land of cooler temperatures, longer twilights, and starier skies.   As I sit here in Hartwick State Park,
Before I get into how marvelous Magee Marsh is, allow me to share some birding on the way north, at
Heading north....      After some solo trips, and a few overnighters together, this trip would be our first multi-day
Merchants Millpond State Park We loaded Puff up, plopped the kayaks on the car roof, and took off for a
Spring walk down the river and up on the dam Some days it is nice to bird on a paved
Bird Camping Falls Lake We parked our teardrop trailer at Rollingview SRA campground for a long weekend. It was really
After the Deluge April always delivers a few wicked cold fronts. Last night we had heavy rain, strong winds but
Better late than..... On February 24 I hooked Puff up and took off for the coast. I had not been to
Puff, Puff, Puff The big test. I wondered since before purchasing our T@B trailer, "how will it perform in the
I had great expectations on birding from Nags Head to Litchfield Beach, S.C., but Mother Nature had other plans. Hurricane
Remembering from two years ago This blog posting has been on the back burner for quite a while, but it
Summer Birds in Ohio and Michigan Birding was not the focus of this trip but we had some success none
Go fly a KITE! On a family trip to Savannah, I saw the opportunity to get my Georgia list cranked
Hot, Quiet, and Ugly Birds! Summer Yard Birding(click links for audio)I miss New York summers, the lower humidity,  cooler nights,
Prairie Ridge        Exercise more than birds got me outside today.  I have been reading the migration reports
A quick March afternoon walk I have had this area on my list for a while, but alas, I could
October 2, 2016   Making the effort to get more exercise, I took a bike and bird trip down the
After a hectic week driving up and down the entire state of Michigan, we arrived back home in Marquette  late
The Journey North We had a leisurely departure from Durham on December 21, pulling out of the driveway about 11 am. 
The plan was - Sheree and I spend a day at Pettigrew State Park  and a day at Oregon Inlet campground,
Ohio Camping and Birding Sheree' was finishing up at school as I took off for Ohio, and two days later
Miyajima Island Corey and Joanna had mentioned Miyajima many times over the past year, so we knew it was going to be
Raw, Real, Horror As children, my Dad took us to historical sites, museums, battlefields, and towns throughout the eastern United
A wonderful two-hour stroll After checking in at the local Ryokan hotel, Sheree and I immediately took off on a
Our Adventures in Beppu "Beppu is situated between the sea and the mountains. The city was founded on April 1,
Iwakuni MCAS Corey, Joanna, and the girls live on base, at Iwakuni MCAS. Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni or MCAS
Welcome to the first of five posts about our trip to Japan. WE WENT TO JAPAN !!!!      
Countryside York York was a destination for us, but we spent a lot of time elsewhere and had to make
First stop - Timberholm Inn, Stowe, Vermont   We settled in at Timberholm Inn about 1 a.m. after flight and weather
"The best place to see, hear and smell seabirds! Each year over 250,000 of them flock to the cliffs between
There were a few birds, but I was disappointed in the showing, considering the weak cold front that slid by
RSPB Bempton Cliffs “The best place to see, hear and smell seabirds!Each year over 250,000 of them flock to the
Wednesday, April 27   Today I am off to Exeter, in southwest England, for two days at a farmhouse B&B
London in 36 Hours What can I say about my time in England?  Not much perhaps, it was seven months
Hiking the Mortenhamstead Countryside           As I travel around to different country all the various little
My trip to England began with a visit to the Tower of London.   At the moment, I am sitting
My son lives one mile from Holly Shelter.  I ran over to do a quick check of the bird situation
On my way to a Saturday workout at the gym I stopped by the area below the Falls Lake  dam
Great spring count, 58 species including 9 warblers. A beautiful day, with my beautiful wife. I included the toad picture
Sheree' and I went to Sandy Creek Park this morning, and what a gorgeous and birdy morning it was.  This
Springtime. Birds coming and going. Brian coming and going, but not birding very much. It is always a struggle to
Had a very nice outing to Rollingview SRA this morning with Sheree'.  Near the cemetery, we spent a good 10
At 6,593 ft., Mt LeConte is the third highest peak in the national park, behind Clingman's Dome and Mount Guyot.
Birds. They are one of natures most accessible animal species.  Birds are so beautiful, majestic, social,  gregarious yet often loners,
Welcome to our 2012 Holiday Trip to Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming, including Yellowstone National Park The Roosevelt Arch is a
July 3rd we drove to Flat Rock Mountain Lodge, just South of Hendersonville for a two-night stay. We spent the
Hi all,  Sheree and I took off Saturday, April 1 for a six-day spring break trip. Sheree drove the Outback and I

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