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    We just purchased a T@B trailer.  What could be better than waking up where you want to bird, and birding through the night as well?  Expecting a lot of great owling opportunities. No more motel bills.  Home cooked meals every day.   Rainy and windy?  Just jump inside, have a seat at the table, pop in a birding DVD on the big screen TV.  Oh yeah, you get the idea.  Look for us traveling down the road this summer as we get our "bird on".  The blog postings below are a mishmash of birding trips over the past few years. My intentions moving forward,  post every week, more or less.

Sandy Creek Park, Durham, NC

Sheree’ and I went to Sandy Creek Park this morning, and what a gorgeous and birdy morning it was.  This was my first and Sheree’s second visit to this Durham city park.  Upon exiting the car we knew we had…

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Out and about.

Springtime. Birds coming and going. Brian coming and going, but not birding very much. It is always a struggle to get out in March and April because of school activities.  But, I have snuck out a few times the past…

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Rollingview SRA and Home

Had a very nice outing to Rollingview SRA this morning with Sheree’.  Near the cemetery, we spent a good 10 minutes watching and listening to a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  It was relatively birdy, White-throated Sparrows, Gnatcatchers, Red-eyed Videos, Cardinals, Crows and…

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Birds. They are one of natures most accessible animal species.  Birds are so beautiful, majestic, social,  gregarious yet often loners, predictable yet unpredictable, indicators of ecosystem health, and just lots of fun.  And birding is fun. Birding can be easy,…

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