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    We just purchased a T@B trailer.  What could be better than waking up where you want to bird, and birding through the night as well?  Expecting a lot of great owling opportunities. No more motel bills.  Home cooked meals every day.   Rainy and windy?  Just jump inside, have a seat at the table, pop in a birding DVD on the big screen TV.  Oh yeah, you get the idea.  Look for us traveling down the road this summer as we get our "bird on".  The blog postings below are a mishmash of birding trips over the past few years. My intentions moving forward,  post every week, more or less.

Abbott’s Creek/Neuse River Greenway

A quick March afternoon walk I have had this area on my list for a while, but alas, I could not seem to get up here until today.   I was not prepared for a 3.7-mile hike but enjoyed it…

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Neuse River Trail – 32 Catbirds and one Black-billed Cuckoo

October 2, 2016   Making the effort to get more exercise, I took a bike and bird trip down the Neuse River Trail.  My reward was a Black-billed Cuckoo. The Neuse River Trail is a 33-mile (53 km) long paved greenway…

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Bempton Cliffs, east coast of England

“The best place to see, hear and smell seabirds! Each year over 250,000 of them flock to the cliffs between Bempton and Flamborough, many to find a mate and raise their young. From April to August the cliffs are alive…

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Quick visit to Lake Crabtree

There were a few birds, but I was disappointed in the showing, considering the weak cold front that slid by last night.  I only birded for an hour, the play area and the area around the kayak launch area. Had…

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