About TTU


Glad you found your way to TTU.  

If you like birds, birding, and nature hopefully you will find my website useful and enjoyable.  The focus of TTU is the advocacy of birding and protecting the environment we ALL share.  I enjoy making web pages, birding, nature and photography, so TTU is a result of blending all those interests into a product I hope creates more interest in birding and protecting the environment. 

There are dozens of great birding websites and organnizations, and I have listed them in the right column found on each page. In particular, eBird from CLO(Cornell Lab of Ornithology), ABA (American Birding Association), and CBC (Carolina Bird Cub) are all excellent resources that I use regularly. (we love accronyms in birding) TTU hint : many postings about bird sightings use species acronyms, such as GBBG, Great Black-backed Gull.  

My goal with TTU is present birding to birders,  beginners in particular, in a manner that does not overwhelm them, in a manner that does not make them feel minimized, in a manner that will excite their inner bird to get out, get birding, and get involved.  Many, certainly not all, expert birders, in my experience, lose connection with beginners.  They all have good intentions but perhaps are not skilled in educating learners.   Even I forget how exciting it was to see, hear and identify my first Catbird or Hooded Merganser. This is complicated. I will write more about it one day in the TTU blog. Suffice to say, all birders need to consider how they interact with other less skilled birders and the general public.  Beginning birders too have a responsibility to study up on birding ethics and common courtesies.  TTU will hopefully make accessible all the information needed to make birding a success for all, including the birds.

I want to also stress good birding ethics (common sense).  The best we can all do is exhibit good behaviors and politely encourage those who do not.  Giving negative ammunition to those who would prefer nature not be protected is like shooting ourselves in the foot.  More on this at the Be The Birder pages. 


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